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To add your own products, you can either manually add them via the dashboard, or import a list of products.

Manually Adding Products

For creating new products via your dashboard, follow these steps:

From your Shoprocket dashboard, go to Products > All
From the All products page, click Add Product in the top right
Enter a name, price, categories, summary and description, then click Save & Continue
(the product slug (URL) is generated automatically, but you can also enter your own)

Once you've saved your product, you'll now see extra tabs available at the top:

Tax & Shipping
Related Products

All new products & product edits will be published immediately to your sales channels, to hide a product, use the Status switch in the top right to disable it

Import Products

To import your own products:
Head over to Products and then click Import Products in the top right of the screen.
From the next page, you can download our import template and add your product data to the file.
Once you've added all of your products to the CSV template, drag & drop it into our uploader, or click and select the file
Click Upload & Import Products

If you're updating existing products, first export your products, make your changes and then reimport. If "Product Id" and "Store Id" match in store it will update product, otherwise new product will be created.

When you upload your product list, you'll be shown a confirmation modal to confirm how many products will be created/modified, and how many new categories will be created.

Duplicating Products

To save time when creating products with similar options. variations, descriptions etc. you can also duplicate existing products. When duplicating a product, all data will be copied, including options, variations images, videos, digital downloads, tax exemptions etc.

Any changes you make to the duplicated product will not affect the original.

To duplicate a product:

From your Shoprocket dashboard, go to Products > All
From the All products page, select Duplicate from the action dropdown menu on the product
Click Confirm in the confirmation modal
Modify the duplicated product as required, and click Update
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