There are many ways to sell with Shoprocket, for a full list of sales channels and guides, refer to our sales channels section.

Shoprocket for existing websites

The primary use case for Shoprocket, is selling via existing websites (including landing pages, blogs, new articles etc.)

This sales channel uses our "embeds", which can be generated via your dashboard using our point & click user interface.

From within your dashboard, click on "sales channels" in the left hand sidebar, then choose "existing website" and select either:

Embed single product
Recommended for showing one product on a blog page or website.
Our shopping cart & full checkout flow is automatically included when embedding products.

Embed multiple products
Recommended for showing all products from a category on a full page, or all of your products at once.
Our shopping cart & full checkout flow is automatically included when embedding products.

Embed shopping cart
When adding product(s) to a page, the shopping cart is loaded automatically, but we suggest also adding the basket code to your site header or footer so that it's available on every page. This will allow your customers to access their cart & checkout from any page on your site.

Once you've chosen your embed type, you'll be taken to our code generator page. From here you can customise every aspect of your store, such as which product(s) to show, which product elements to include, image sizes, button & text colours, pagination, and filter options.

When you're finished customising your embed, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the generated code. Simply copy that, and paste it into your website where you'd like the embed to be displayed.

Once you've copied & pasted the embed code into your website, page, blog or article, your products and shopping cart should automatically appear when loaded in your web browser.

To see some examples of our embed types in action, check out our demo page.
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