Happy new year!

Here's what's new at Shoprocket:

Shipping zones are now live. You can setup groups of continents, countries, and even individual states/counties etc to create bespoke shipping rules.

You can now instantly switch between test & live modes via your dashboard

Abandoned orders are now available in your dashboard (more coming soon)

Image options have been simplified, you can now choose "crop" or "scale" and set your own width & height in the code embed generator

Discount codes are now available and live

Please remember that we aren't currently charging whilst we're in beta, so you don't need to subscribe to a plan, your store will still work just fine!

I really hope you're enjoying Shoprocket 2.0, and your feedback is extremely valuable, so if you have any questions, problems or suggestions, just hit reply. I read every message!

P.S - If you're still on Shoprocket v1 and would like to switch to v2, just reach out and we can automatically port your data for you.

All the best,
Shoprocket CEO
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