Occasionally when integrating your Shoprocket store to your existing website an issue may arise. This is perfectly normal as often when new code is introduced there may be clashes, These are often easily fixed with just a copy and paste or by removing a line!


Sometimes if the code doesn't want to take, simply rearranging your integration code works out - you can move each paragraph to the top of the block, and refresh, to see which one works. For example:

Ensure you only move paragraphs when re-arranging your code, do not move single lines of code by themselves.

Jquery Issues

Our integration code includes Jquery, so if you already have Jquery on your site there may be a clash with the two. This is easily remedied by removing the first line of Shoprocket code, as seen below:

Simply apply this change, save, and double check all is working.

Payment Gateways/Checkout Issues

Occasionally payments get stuck in the dead space that is the internet - this is why we always recommend placing a test order before going live. Should you come across an issue, it is always best to disconnect your payment gateway by either deleting your email address in the Paypal box, or, if you are using Stripe, clicking the little bin icon to completely disconnect your account, and reconnecting it.


Account Conflicts

If more than one person in your company is using Shoprocket, ensure you do not accidentally sign up for more than one account. Your integration code should always have the correct store ID - you can see this by checking your source code and by ensuring the ID is the same as in your account.


If none of these work, and you do need anything at all, by all means email us on [[email protected]](/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#8bf8fefbfbe4f9ffcbf8e3e4fbf9e4e8e0eeffa5e8e4a5fee0) and we will be happy to help you
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