Will Shoprocket slow down my page load times?

When it comes to ecommerce, page load times are one of the main reasons for poor conversion rates. Many hosted platforms are slow and cumbersome, and for their own security, they rarely let you make the changes needed to speed up your store.

For those sellers that have built their own, well optimised website, they may find the ecommerce plugin they use causes significant delays to the page load time, and as a result, Google may penalise your search rankings.

The average e-commerce site’s load time has increased from last year’s 7.36 seconds to 8.56 seconds.

Shoprocket is different.

Using our globally distributed network, coupled with 'smart events' and local browser storage capabilities, our average store load times is just 95 milliseconds.

You can see the public results here for how we compare to other shopping carts:


We ensure only the absolutely essential data is loaded into your page at any one time, this means you users will never notice any "loading" states due to Shoprocket. We also use pure javascript events to load items, as well as for user actions such as opening a product, adding to cart, modifying cart quantities etc.

You're probably used to "multi-step" checkouts, with a "hard" page load in between each one. This is proven to cause significant checkout abandonment rates. (A recent study found that slow load times are as stressful as watching a horror movie)

With Shoprocket, every step is instantanious, that's why on average our sellers see 2x the sales via Shoprocket than they did with their previous ecommerce solution.

You can see a demo of just how fast Shoprocket is here: https://cdn.shoprocket.io/test.html

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